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Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest
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Toilets for all

For many people, using public toilets is a matter of course. But not for people with severe and multiple disabilities who cannot use a "traditional" toilets, for example because they are dependent on diapers or have limited mobility and therefore have other needs. But families with small children also usually need more than just a toilet.

The "toilets for all" concept aims to ensure that everyone can use the "quiet little place". To make this possible, you need a large room with enough space for an adult care couch and a patient lift for transferring from the wheelchair to the couch or toilet. A hygienic diaper pail is also essential. Unfortunately, such equipment has not usually been available at events to date. However, this is now set to change in Stuttgart.

The "Toilets for All" will be used for the first time at the Spring Festival in 2024. It will help to make the city's events more inclusive step by step.