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Telephone numbers

For the duration of the Frühlingsfest, there is a large number of authorities on site enabling you to have a untroubled Volksfest experience.

Housed in the office building belonging to the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft are

- the event management team of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft
- the police station
- the German Red Cross
- the lost children collection point
- the lost property office
- the left baggage and helmet point
- the youth welfare office
- the health and safety office
- the planning and building control offices.

Police offices are also to be found in the adjoining building.

An overview of the most important telephone numbers

in.Stuttgart’s event management+49 711 95543-300
Volksfest press office+49 711 95543-127
Police station+49 711 8990-8000
German Red Cross+49 711 8496768
Lost children collection point+49 711 8496768
Left baggage and helmet point+49 711 9005625
Lost Property +49 711 9005625

Please note, the hotlines are only manned either shortly before or at the start of the event.

Other important telephone numbers

Stuttgart lost property office +49 711 21689893
Tourist service (hotels, guided bus tours, walking tours) +49 711 2228-100
StadtMobil car sharing+49 711 628833
German regional railway system+49 711 2092 70 87
SSB Service (busses and light railway)+49 711 7885-3333
VVS Service (Stuttgart public transport system)+49 711 19449
Stuttgart Airport info+49 711 948-0     
Taxi control room for Stuttgart+49 711 5510000